Wavefront analysis

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PhasicsTM is a French company specialized in high resolution wavefront sensing. Phasics is pleased to offer you its strong expertise in metrology and its unique wavefront technology through a full range of high performance sensors and devices.

A unique Technology based on a high resolution wavefront sensor

All our products are based on our patented wavefront technology, the 4-Wave Lateral Shearing Interferometry. Based on an enhanced modified Hartmann mask, this unique method brings together ultra-high resolution and large dynamic range. It allows complete, fast and easy measurement for a reliable and flexible metrology, whatever your application.

A large Product Offering for a wide range of applications
Laser Products
Laser Beam Characterization
Laser Beam caracterization
Phase/Intensity, M², Waist position/size, Zernike/Legendre coeff.
Adaptive Optics
Adaptive Optics
Focal spot optimization, Beam Shaping
Plasma module
Plasma Diagnosis
Neutral gas and plasma density self-referenced measurement
Metrology Products
Surface Characterization
Surface Characterization
Surface quality & Radius of curvature (ISO 10110)
Optics Quality Control
Optics Quality Control
MTF, PSF, EFL, Zernike coefficients for lens, assemblies, WLO
IOL quality control (ISO 11979) and surface characterization
Biological Imaging
Biological imaging
Quantitative Phase Imaging
Adaptive   optics for microscopy
Adaptive optics for microscopy
Source optimization, thick tissue imaging

To meet all your needs, Phasics technology is available from the stand alone sensor to turn-key solutions such as metrology devices for production or microscope accessories for biology. Specific software and interface come with each application for insightful outcomes.

Customer dedication

With a strong customer focus, Phasics cares for satisfying your current and future expectations. Because optical and laser metrology is a constantly moving world, Phascis has a robust R&D team with highly skilled engineers and researchers. They keep on developing innovative features as well as customizing our standard configurations to our customers' requests.