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SID4: Compact wavefront sensor

SID4 wavefront sensor

SID4 wavefront sensor genuine features
  • High resolution (160x120 points)
  • Achromaticity
  • High stability of the measurement
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • Ease of use
  • Compactness : controlled with laptop
SID4 technological advantages

Intensity and phase maps comparison

  • SID4 wavefront sensor gives a phase and intensity map sampled on 160x120 measurement points and offers to the user a precise laser beam analysis.
    From high resolution results:
    - High measurement reproducibility,
    - A precise and rigorous optical aberration evaluation (Zernike, Legendre).
  • Our lateral shearing interferometry technology ensures high accuracy measurements.
  • Modified Hartmann mask is achromatic, measurement in coherent and incoherent light are possible (laser, LED, halogen source...).
  • SID4 wavefront sensor does not need an elaborate alignment procedure. Tilt measurement is independant of the global wavefront measurement.
  • SID4 is insensitive to energy variations. Measurement is independent of intensities modulation of the analyzed source in the sensitivity range of the camera.
  • Ergonomics, SID4 is easy and quick to implement.
  • SID4 wavefront sensor only needs a workshop calibration without any posterior calibration cheking.
  • SID4 is self referenced and so insensitive to vibrations.
  • SID4 includes an intuitive software with a fast and robust analysis method.
SID4 wavefront sensor detailed specifications
Wavelength range 400 - 1100 nm
Aperture dimension 3.6 x 4.8 mm2
Spatial resolution 29.6 µm
Phase & intensity sampling 160 x 120 (> 19 000 points)
Resolution (Phase) < 2 nm RMS
Accuracy 10 nm RMS
Dynamic range > 100 µm
Acquisition rate > 100 fps
Real-time processing frequency > 10 fps (full resolution)
Computer connectionGiga Ethernet
Dimensions (w x h x l) 54 x 46 x 75.3 mm
Weight ~250 g

SID4 datasheet